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KHAOKHO TALAYPU is a natural body care brand with only the best gifts from nature.
It is one of Thailand’s most beloved brands in recent years, home to spa and home to the finest coconut oil and essential oils.
Starting 30 years ago at a hub farm in the town of Kaoko in Thailand, KHAOKHO TALAYPU has grown into a brand of luxury department stores and shopping malls. The products of natural soap, coconut oil, aloe vera, shampoo and other unique ingredients are listed on top of Thailand’s best-selling products.

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KHAOKHO is one of the most popular natural body care brands in high-end department stores such as Emporium, Paragon, and The Mall in Thailand, and some products are strategic alliances with global beauty & health store chains. Since 2015, KHAOKHO has been under full investment by Solam-Tide Partners to add innovation, and is loved by the Southeast Asian luxury hotels and SPA chains.

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KHAOKHO branded signature products such as premium organic coconut body oil and 100 % natural aloe vera products are actively used as main care products in the nation’s finest spa and aesthetic areas. Through these word-of-mouth experiences, we are loved by our customers through various sales channels as a special home care product. (Department Store General Mall, Social Commerce, Major Open Market, Coupang Rocket Shipping, Home Shopping, Offline Edit Shop, etc.)

In addition, it is beneficial to human body such as Noni, Tamarind, Mangostine, Ginger, and Turmeric and it is also based on the world’s most popular natural ingredients such as hair wash and super food.

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