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Omega Juice Factory 2000 is a product of Omega, the United States that has been producing and supplying juice for more than 30 years. Unlike ordinary mixers, it uses a centrifugation dehydration method to maximize absorption by separating only juice from pulp, and is intended to be easy to clean and easily disassemble and assemble.

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This product has the excellent ability to extract as much bone marrow juice as possible from vegetables and fruits and, according to a certified lab study, has a 20 to 30 % higher juice rate than other vendors.
Unlike a regular mixer, it is a centrifugal juice that separates only juice from pulp. If the normal mixer is being juice by crushing and destroying the cell tissue, this product provides nutritional juice by separating only the nectar from the tissue.
In addition, the heat generated by turning the motor is cooled using its own cooling system to minimize the breakdown of the biofluse resulting from heat generation and can be used many times in a row.


This product minimizes the risk of an automatic stop in case of motor overheating and a safety device that automatically blocks the current in case of handle disassembly. It also eliminates vibrations during operation.
Just remove and assemble in water that is easier to clean after washing for a few minutes compared to other parts, it is used matte polished seramic technique which manages it sanitary way.

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The Cerap Lime Finger, made from only ceramics which is from the world’s cleanest Amazon clean regions, is optimized for the natural taste of the ingredients and good cooking tool for the Korean diet.


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