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제목 (2018IGF)USA Kitchenware_PRESSDOME, KEEPEEZ
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PressDome and Keepeez are exclusive products of Aostar.
Please note that we do not have this certificate as a distributor officially certified by Shaoyang Household Technology, or that you may find disadvantages in purchasing products from other forms of certificates.

Press Dome and Keepeez are vacuum-sealed caps created by a joint venture between ‘United Home Technologies’ and China’s ‘Shaoyang Hoashering Household Technology’. In the middle of the recycling crisis, instead of using disposable plastic wrap, foil and vinyl products, we will be offering exclusive food vacuum storage lids that are environmentally friendly and reduce economic burden by semi-permanent use.

Pressdome video:
Keepeez video:

It can be stored for longer than room temperature. Keeping fresh fruits such as bananas keeps them from getting decay and keep them fresh.


Unlike disposable products, the Fresdom is strongly vacuum proof, and the liquid does not leak when the container is tilted. The vacuum can not be released due to the shock from real life such as sliding food out of the refrigerator or dropping containers on the table.


Pressdome can be stored with closed containers for room temperature and refrigerator storage. With BPA FREE material, you can use microwave oven safely. Infants, pregnant women, and the elderly and the elderly can get rid of harmful substances when using microwave ovens.


Vacuum lids are compatible with common sealed containers and dishes used in the home. Large plates, small plates, deep bowls, and other forms of containers of your choice, as well as smooth, flat surfaces, ready for use on pans, cutting boards, and tables.


Vacuum caps are suitable for outdoor activities such as picnics, family trips, and moving home party food. It can be used in containers containing large quantities of food or freshly cooked food, making it convenient to transport and carry.


Even this good product is not to be used if it is difficult to use, clean or store. PressDome and the Keepeez one touch for easy operation. They can also be used as a dishwasher, and can be stacked in layers for less space.



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