Import Goods Fair exhibition item

no. Category Detailed ItEMS
1 Household Items Interior accessories, handicrafts, cosmetics, furniture, clothes, bedding, DIY products. Shoes, leather products, gifts, office supplies etc.
2 Foods / Drink Processed food, Fruit, wine, confectionery, candy, coffee, spices, grains, etc.
3 Kitchenware&Tableware Pottery bowl, pot, knife, detergent, kitchen accessories etc.
4 Baby Items Toys and Dolls, Strollers/Carriers, Children's Appare/ Footwear, Infant Food, baby band etc.
5 Bathroom Items Bathtub, Toilet, Bath accessories, Bathroom accessories, Fragrance, Soap, etc.
6 Jewelry&Accessories Jewelry, ornaments, watches, glasses, bags, etc.
7 Sport&Leisure Items Climbing gear, sports shoes, sportswear, exercise equipment, etc.
8 Electrical and electronic products Household appliances, Computer Peripherals, Mobile Phone Accessories etc.
9 Car cars, motorcycles, bicycles etc.
10 Medical Items Medical equipment, health supplements
11 Trade&Travel Service Trade, logistics, travel agencies and companies