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Parking fees

  • Cars: 1,200 KRW per 15 minutes (stays of under 5 minutes free) / maximum 48,000 KRW for full day
  • Trucks (2.5 tons or more): 2,400 per 15 minutes
  • Buses: Prohibited from parking in Coex car park. Please use Tancheon parking lot.
  • Grace period: No parking fee for stays of less than 15 minutes. Normal parking fee applies to vehicles parked for more than 15 minutes.
  • Handicapped persons and registered VIPs: 50% discount

COEX Mall Parking Rates (COEX Mall Receipt)

Please tell us the plate number of your vehicle at checkout to receive parking discount.
When shopping, please ensure the eligibility of your check for parking discount.

The discount rate is calculated based on the total amount spent at COEX Mall stores.

  • For visitors who spent 50,000 KRW or more, one hour of free parking is provided.
  • For visitors who spent 100,000 KRW or more, two hours of free parking is provided.
  • For visitors who spent 150,000 KRW or more, three hours of free parking are provided.

Individual discount standards will be applied to services and other convenience facilities.

  • The discount will be applied to the vehicle used upon arrival and will be calculated upon departure.
  • The parking discount can be used concurrently with other discounts, including individual store parking discount and discount parking coupon.
  • The discount does not apply to certain services and stores, which operate their own parking discount system.
  • The discount does not apply to other buildings (Oakwood Hotel & Casino, Intercontinental Hotel) and Parnas Mall.

Discount parking for visitors to select stores in Coex Mall

  • Megabox movie theater: 4,800 flat fee for first 4 hours. Receive discount ticket at by providing vehicle license plate number at Guest Services booth on B2.
  • Coex Aquarium: 50% discount off first 3 hours of parking.Receive discount ticket by proiding vehicle registration plate number at Guest Services booth on B1.